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Who We Are

Jody Rassell established Fine Arts Services LLC in 2006. As an independent specialist with over 35 years in the field of public and fine art, she brings her experienced guidance to managing public art programs for mixed-use developments, waterfronts, municipal, health-care, university, foundation and corporate campuses.

Fine Arts Services delivers a focus and commitment integral to the project team, and whose work in close coordination with clients, designers, artists and construction professionals has successfully created engaging public art in common urban spaces. Recognizing the relevant conditions and opportunities to build consensus and vision among a client, project team and public stakeholders requires a combination of experience, leadership, passion and sensitivity to diverse ideas and objectives.  Combining urban design and business with percent-for-art objectives on a local, national and global scale, Jody Rassell’s arts management approach encompasses this guidance and supervision from the initiation in planning through completion of public art programming.   

A member of the Association of Professional Art Advisors, Ms. Rassell has participated internationally on panels and symposia throughout the United States and Japan. She holds advanced degrees in Museum Studies and Art History from California State University and Non-Profit Fundraising from the University of California, Los Angeles. 





Fine Arts Services LLC is a full service art advisory firm with the history, expertise and international contacts to work across multiple artistic disciplines and establish the relationships essential to deliver completion, value, enlightened vision and meaning to common spaces.  Our understanding of master planning in the design and implementation of each site promotes the collaboration of a synthesis for artistic and cultural planning in concert with the sustainable benefits for improving community development, urban design and public interaction.

Planning & Implementation for Public Art Programs

With over thirty years of experience in the design and implementation of art in public places programming, Fine Arts Services is a collaborative member of the larger project team. Working to support the objectives of the commissioning entity and to identify the best artists and their vision for each project, we act as a responsive and informed liaison between aesthetics, pragmatic project management and construction issues. Our expertise in working with government and civic agencies, private development and community councils in selection, design and construction issues, ensures that the art in public places integrates seamlessly into the overall project.